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We offer our clients the capability to deploy their surplus money in medium- & long-term strategies aimed at generating alpha through our thoughtfully selected, constructed, & curated solutions

Kalpataru Wealth, An AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor

While there is an abundance of investment options, it can be overwhelming to find the right mix. As a result, we saw people having unorganised & scattered investment portfolios. We spent a good amount of time on research and analysis of the market and gradually established a rigid selection process to find the best portfolio mix to secure your future. By being independent, Kalpataru Wealth delivers unbiased investment advice keeping in mind the client’s interest. Our advice is backed by profound research, meticulous analysis of the products available in the market. We analyse the best alternatives, risk & opportunity to custom make a fine action plan for our clients. Till now Kalpataru Wealth has assisted more than 500 families with the best crafted investment strategy to build substantial personal wealth.

Our focus is exclusively on our clients & to empower them to make informed decisions. We provide the best recommendation working always in your best interest which is easy to understand, simple, transparent & low-cost.

Who we are

Meet your Money Experts

Our mission is to work and progress together to gain financial independence by optimizing Technology & Innovation.

Porush Sharaf


Raj Awasthi Sharaf


Our Products

Investment products to achieve the best possible outcome

Mutual Funds

Basket of diversified funds which endeavours to give an alpha.


Risk mitigation against life, health, & asset risk.

Tax Planning

Optimally utilise tax exemptions and rebates as much as possible

Estate Planning

Bequeath assets to your loved ones as per your wish.

Structured Products

Market linked investments to boost your wealth.

P2P Lending

Lend money & earn returns from creditworthy borrowers.


Simpler, faster & friendlier borrowing options.

Our Services

At Kalpataru Wealth, we develop tailored financial strategies for our clients to help them reach their goals and lifestyle aspirations.

Investment Management

Managing financial assets and other investment options in the easiest way for your future.

We help you grow your wealth by taking an organised approach of decluttering your investments. Our main focus is to keep your portfolio clean and simple and to give you a consolidated view. 

We actively restructure your investments and make changes strategically and tactically as and when required.

1. Understanding your Risk appetite

The first step is to gauge your response towards risk. This helps us in understanding how cautious or adventurous you are towards achieving your financial targets.

2. Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

We select the funds based on our exhaustive research and due diligence. With the help of statistical parameters, we evaluate the funds.

3. Shortlisting of products

We diversify across different sectors and categories to generate consistent alpha on your portfolio. We apply different valuation models and ratios to arrive at our model portfolio.

4. Regular Monitoring

Investment tracking is a continuum process. More often than not, investors maintain a static portfolio meaning not making changes when required. We do regular portfolio review to increase our probability to achieve our set target.

Retirement Solution

Financial cushion built to have a comfortable, secure, and fun retirement life.

We will guide you through different investment options and income sources in order to maintain the standard of living you desire.

Tailor made calculations done specific to you and your family.

Easy pay-out option and highest liquidity.

1. One on One meeting

We first want to understand your retirement plans and existing pension plans. We can then calculate the retirement corpus with the help of your monthly expenses, income and existing assets. 

2. Assessing various options

With the available details we will then assess the investment and pension options suiting your risk profile.

3. Recommendation

We will suggest the best way moving forward based on the current financial situation.

4. Regular Monitoring

We will review the portfolio periodically and recommend any changes if necessary, to get back on track. 

Tax Planning

Optimally utilise tax rebates, exemptions and maximise your income.

Tax planning is an effective financial tool in optimising your income. It includes financial and business decisions to minimise the tax implication. Usually at the end of the year tax planning is done which should be done from the start. We do tax efficient investments under the framework of law which will enhance your saving contribution.

Wealth Creation

Wealth is not created overnight it needs discipline, determination and perseverance.

Wealth creation is the next step once you have covered major financial goals like Child’s education, Car, house etc. Wealth target is created to specifically fit into your financial needs, wishes, motivation and goals. More commonly investor’s portfolio is not aligned to any specific objective therefore we first understand your aspiration and then suggest the investment options. With Kalpataru it all becomes easy with so many investment options overwhelming you.

We work with you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to reach.

Estate Planning

Your hard-earned money should pass down as per your wish.

Carefully documenting how to pass on your assets to your loved ones or to the cause you support is the main feature of estate planning. You need to be sure that your hard-earned money goes to your beneficiary the way you want. This may mean considering guardians for your children in case of early eventuality.

how we operate

This is how we build your wealth

100% Online

Painless, Paper-free, Online Account opening. You can enjoy complete oversight of your wealth from the comfort of your home.

No Advisory Fee

We charge no Advisory fees to the clients since we are Mutual Fund Distributors.

Regular Monitoring

We do regular rebalancing of your portfolio & track the performance of the funds in order to improve the efficiency of your portfolio.

Our Process

Filter all the Investment Options

We choose the best schemes for you and review them regularly to ensure they are suitable to your needs/goals.

Monitor Market Movements

Unexpected events, market volatility and global events can change the market scenario abruptly. This may affect your investment portfolio hence we do take tactical investment calls & act swiftly to deliver the best results.

Review Unceasingly

We regularly measure the performance of the portfolio and take actions if necessary.

Identify Insurance & Review

We help you identify insurance needs and suggest the best plans.